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Our holiday sale begins now!

Audio Research Reference 250 SE Store Demonstration units.
Audio Research Reference 75 SE 1 ea Trade in unit in Mint condition for $6500.00
Audio Research Reference 750 Mono Block Amplifier for sale. Store Demonstration. We could also get it upgraded for you.
Audio Research Galileo series GSPre Integrated Amplifier with built in Phono Stage for $16500.00 SALE at $11000.00
Audio Research Galileo GSi75 Integrated Amplifier with Phono Stage and DAC on sale at $11,995.00
Audio Research Galileo series GS150 Amplifier $12995.00
Audio Research DS450M Mono Block Amplifiers delivering 450 WPC into 8 ohms
These units are gently used.
On special at $2000.00 each 6 available
Audio Research CD6 CD Player on sale at $6000.00
Audio Research SP20 Black finish Preamplifier with MM / MC Phono stage. Retails for $9000 now our Demo version is on sale at $6000.00
Match 2 Monoblock DS450M for $4000 as a pair and get a 10K system.
Audio Research VSi75 with KT120 and KT150 Tubes available for sale
Audio Research Reference 10 Line Stage Pre-Amplifier and Phono stage Store Demonstration units available for sale.
Audio Research Foundation series on Demonstration
Dr Feickert Analog Woodpecker with Acoustical systems Tonearm
AMG V12 Viella Turntable with tonearm and Benz LP Top of the line cartridge in upgraded Piano Black finish
This is a Used table.
Call or Visit us for more information
Dr Feickert Analog Firebird with 2 tonearms
T+A MP3000HV 1 unit in Silver Trade-in
Retail at $15000 now at $10,000
T+A HV Series PDP3000HV Ultimate DSD DAC and SACD Player. Store Demonstration available.
T+A 's Renowned R Series 2 channel Integrated Amplifier New in box.
Retailed $8000 on sale at $3995.00
Arcam A49 for sale at $2500.00

T+A 's MP2000 R Multi digital hub for sale at $6995.00

T+A Speakers for sale
TCD 210S Retails for $12000. Sale at 9000.00
TCD110S Retails at $16000 on Sale at $11900
Matching center available at $3500
Technics 700 System is on sale when you add White speakers.