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Floorstanding Loudspeakers

Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF

There are very few places in the country you can hear these monumental speakers, and Sunny's is one of them. We have two pairs of XLF, one black and the other desert silver. 

 Desert Silver in stock. Factory recertified.
Obsedian Black available New Demonstration model
$210,000 a pair

Wilson Audio Alexx

We have the Alexx in desert silver on the floor, powered by D'Agostino monoblocks.

Desert silver available for demonstration.
$109,000 a pair

T+A Solitaire

One of the best-sounding speakers on the floor, but demands careful set-up. It has a large electrostatic tweeter, a line-array mid, and four side-firing woofers. This is a speaker that images right across the showroom. 

Carbon fiber pair available on the floor

$60,000 a pair

Wilson Audio Alexia

We have Titanium Brown with matching subwoofers from Wilson Audio.
We have a recertified Porsche Silver coming soon.
We have 1 pair of Carmen Red available Certified pair.

$52,000 a pair

Wilson Audio Yvette

The newest Wilson, and their top single enclosure model. On the floor right now, powered by the Audio Research 250 SE.

Morning frost with Blue grills available for demonstration.

$25,900 a pair

Wilson Audio Sabrina

The entry-level Wilson with nothing entry-level about the sound. We have these in all the standard colors, and they are our most popular speaker.

 We are the largest stocking independant one store dealer of Sabrinas.
We have all standard always in stock.

$15,900 a pair

T+A TCD 110 S

T+A was first a loudspeaker manufacturer, and their products are extraordinary. This is the largest speaker in the TCD line-up which features transmission line bass, and D'Appolito designs for the mid and high.

2 pair in stock in Makassar Ebony
Er have matching center channels and sub bass systems in stock also.

$16,000 a pair

T+A TCD 210 S

T+A was first a loudspeaker manufacturer, and their products are extraordinary. This is the second largest speaker in the TCD line-up which features transmission line bass, and D'Appolito designs for the mid and high.

1 pair in Makassar ebony in stock.
We have matching center and surround speakers available for this speaker

$12,000 a pair

T+A TCD 315 S

At 34 inches high, this is the smallest in the TCD line-up, but still has a long transmission line, and is very similar to its upstream siblings. Don't be fooled by the size of this extremely capable speaker. 

$6,000 a pair

T+A Lignum LGS 10 Slim Sleek and utterly handsome speakers

The LIGNUM series, developed by T+A, finally meets this demand: real wood loudspeaker cabinets which have all the elegance and form factors of their aluminum equivalents, but with an endearing charm of their own thanks to the curved, molded wooden cabinet.
All the loudspeakers in the family share very similar overall sound qualities: natural, wide-ranging, dynamic and totally uncolored.

$4,995 a pair

T+A Lignum LGS 20

Which of the two LGS floor-standing loudspeakers is the better-looking one is largely a matter of taste: is it the full-size LGS 10, or the little LGS 20? The perfectly proportioned ’20 is only 12 cm wide, 13 cm deep and 100 cm tall, yet it sounds much bigger than it looks.

Three refined, extremely long-throw bass / mid-range drivers ensure that it offers an excellentbass response: the lower one transmits the low bass only, whereas the other two units are installedin the D’Appolito arrangement in conjunction with the superb annular tweeter.

$2,995 a pair

Aerial Acoustics Model 7

Aerial Model 7T available in Gloss Nero Black and Gloss Rosenut.
The exceptional ability of the Model 7T surpasses the competence of conventional systems through its exacting design and the high quality of its enclosures, networks, and drivers.
Multiple layers of curved, stressed, and laminated MDF provide non-resonant behavior unmatched in conventional flat panel construction. Seven full cross section braces remove any remaining subtle coloration. The resulting labyrinthine structure is virtually inert.
Specially compounded Papyrus forms the stiff but precisely damped midrange cone. This driver is isolated in a separate, wool-filled chamber. The woofer cones are a rigid, damped bilaminate composite. Both driver types have cast magnesium frames, large magnets and long linear excursions. The soft ring-dome tweeter has large dual magnets, a damped chamber, and a copper pole sleeve. The result is that each driver remains linear well beyond its range of use, maintains accurate transients, and exhibits exceedingly low distortion.
Seamless amplitude and phase integration is provided by precision networks using 21 high-quality components including polypropylene film capacitors and low-oxygen copper air-core coils. High current nickel-steel cores are used in the bass. Separate glass-epoxy boards are employed for the bass and midrange/treble sections. Silver solder and Teflon® insulated high-purity copper wire are used throughout.
System performance is exceptionally accurate and natural with excellent transparency, detail, dynamics, and spatial presentation. Low bass has outstanding authority, control, and extension. Upper bass is well defined and articulate. Midrange is extremely natural, clear, and beautifully detailed. Treble is delicate and open, without edge or false emphasis.
Excellent coherence, three-dimensional imaging, and transient accuracy are provided by the wide dispersion, low diffraction, phase accuracy, and extremely low stored energy of the system. The result is a musical experience that is truly captivating.
$11,000 a pair
1 pair of Demonstration pair available.

Aerial Acoustics Model 6T

Aerial 6T
The slender, graceful appearance of the Aerial Acoustics Model 6 is perfectly complemented by its refined, full-bodied sound. Purpose-designed with a compact footprint and rear-facing port, the carefully voiced Model 6T is ideally suited for small to medium sized listening environments.
The Model 6T is characterized by a transparent, open, natural sound, with precise imaging and taut, satisfying bass that reaches surprisingly deep for a speaker of its size. Treble response is extended and remarkably smooth. Unrestrained dynamics and high power handling combine with subtlety and nuance to faithfully reproduce both music and film soundtracks.
All Aerial loudspeaker systems are designed and constructed with fanatical attention to quality and detail. Decades of design and manufacturing experience have taught us that craftsmanship and technology go hand-in-hand when creating products of uncompromising performance and genuine long-term value.

$6750.00 a pair

Aerial Acoustics Model 6T

For two decades, Aerial Acoustics has been acknowledged for its
excellent center-channel speaker designs. Starting with the original
CC3, followed by the much larger CC5, continuing with the improved CC3B,
to the current CC3C, the process has reached a new high in the Model
7CC. The Model 7CC provides improvements in naturalness, balance, detail
resolution, sensitivity, dynamics, and transparency. When used with any
of Aerial’s main speakers, it provides a seamless, realistic front
soundstage. Its trim 24 x 8 x 12” deep package is easily placed on a
shelf, tabletop or stand. Three 7CCs in a row can be a sound bar.
Rear-panel switching can be adjusted to optimize for different mounting
positions. The switching also allows the 7CC to be used with a wide
range of other main speakers, where its uncolored, natural,
well-balanced presentation will augment any system.

$4500.00 a pair

Goldenear Technology Triton Series

 High-performance loudspeakers, with the top three models including a built-in powered subwoofer. All the Triton Towers are engineered for superb performance in both high quality two channel stereo systems as well as in multi-channel home theater and music systems.

They deliver boxless three-dimensional imaging, which reviewers have hailed as "mystical", "magical" - and, best summed up by the dramatic, "had us believing that the entire surface of the front wall was covered with speakers." Likewise, the powerful, deep subwoofer bass blends perfectly with the smooth, transparent midrange and high frequencies, putting more expensive speakers to shame.

Goldenear Technology Super Center series speakers.

The SuperCenters are high performance center channel speakers
appropriate for the highest quality home theater systems. They are
designed to perfectly complement and match our Triton Towers and Aon
Bookshelf loudspeakers, both sonically and cosmetically. Their
sophisticated industrial design is both attractive and functional, both
minimizing their apparent size as well as enhancing their acoustic