Sunny's Summer event starts on September 21st from 12.00pm to 6.00pm we invite Mr Jeff Rowland from Jeff Rowland Audio, Pete Soderberg from Martin Logan Lenny Mayeux from Audience and Brad O'Toole from HRS and Vandersteen audio.

We shall feature a few systems in the store with Jeff Rowland Electronics.
We also offer Trades and Consignments towards purchase.

We shall feature a Brinkmann Bardo & a Brinkmann Spyder Turntable

Trade-in and trade-up accepted.
Demos available for sale.

Brinkmann Nyquist Mark 2 has been getting amazing accolades. We already know it was amazing. Come audition this Roon Ready tidal & MQA DAC

September 21st 2019 will feature the best Turntables Designed and built in Germany by Helmut and Dr Matthias Luck of Brinkmann Audio. 

Brinkmann Analog/Digital event coming soon to Sunny Components.
September 21st 2019
Our event will focus on Brinkmann's super high end technologies and simplistic precise engineering leads to products that stand the test of time.
We shall be featuring the Brinkmann Bardo turntable with a 10.0 tonearm and AudioQuest's fantastic Wild/WEL Signature Tonearm cables.
We shall also demonstrate why Brinkmann Tables are engineered with HRS custom Platforms.
We shall also show the RONT Power supply which takes the performance of the Brinkmann tables to a completely new level. For all our customers who started with the Brinkmann turntable, please order your RONT 11 Power supply now. Prices in Electronics are going up across the board. Save yourself a few dollars.
We shall also focus on the Brinkmann Nyquist DAC/Streamer.
For all our customers who love Analog, This DAC sounds more like Analog than any DAC I have heard. The Streaming modules are Optimized for TIDAL and MQA. The DAC was purpose built and engineered to be upgrade able up to a certain extent.
New Technologies keep coming up but this tind of thinking makes one feel comfortable making a serious purchase.
Our Store Demonstration Bardo and Spyder is available for sale.

New to Sunny Components ? 

1. CH Precision
2. Stenheim Loudspeakers.
3. Audience Cables
4. Vivid Audio
5. Martin Logan speakers

We have just acquired the dealership for CH Precision Electronics from Switzerland
We feel these electronics are the finest produced today. Come and audition/purchase your own CH Precision today.