Digital Source: Streamers and Servers

Brinkmann Nyquist, A Complete Digital Hub Roon and MQA.

Digital So Good, Only An Analog Expert Could Make It  
Authored by the newly expanded Brinkmann design team, "Nyquist" sets new standards in convenience, sonic excellence and lasting value.  Nyquist was designed with the Brinkmann Balance turntable as a reference. This DAC sounds more analog than anything else we have ever heard. The Nyquist is Roon ready, MQA optimized and ready for 2017. It is also upgradeable.
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MQA (Master Quality Authenticated)
MQA is an award-winning British technology that delivers the sound of the studio. The master MQA file is fully authenticated and is small enough to stream, while also being backward compatible, so you can play MQA music on any device.
MQA technology is licensed by labels, music services and hardware manufacturers worldwide.
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MSB The Discrete DAC

MSB Discrete DAC Arriving end of May.
We are accepting Pre-orders. $9950.00

The Discrete DAC Features:
-2x Modular input slots
-On board clock design
-Integrated 2X Toslink, Coaxial, XLR, and word-sync
-True Balanced Design
-300Ω output impedance
-No analog output buffer
-Included Volume Control
-4 character discrete LED display (119 pixels)
-2x Dual Link Power inputs
-Dimensions: 2″ x 12″ x 17.5″
-Standard MSB footprint
More details coming soon. 

MSB The Premier DAC

MSB Discrete DAC Arriving end of May.

The Premier DAC Features:
-3x Modular input slots
-Clock is user upgradable to the all new Femto 93
-Standard Toslink, Coaxial, and word-sync module included
-True Balanced Design
-150Ω output impedance
-Optional Analog RCA Output
-No analog output buffer
-Included Volume Control
-14 character discrete LED display (560 pixels)
-2x DAC Dual-Link Power inputs
-Dimensions: 2″ x 12″ x 17.5″
-Standard MSB footprint
More details coming soon.  MSRP 19,500.00

MSB The Reference DAC

MSB The Reference DAC

Setting the reference for Digital to Analog Converters.

Four Hybrid DACs
The Reference DAC is equipped with MSB’s new Hybrid DAC technology.  Originated in the Select DAC, we’ve pushed the technology further, making it more compact and robust and above all – affordable.  Unlike the Select’s eight-module design, the Reference DAC only needs four modules to anchor eight high-powered channels for an unrivaled output.  The Hybrid module can be reconfigured to accommodate PCM or native DSD, ensuring it’s the most dynamic DAC on the market.

Meridian Ultra DAC / Streamer with the best resolution MQA.
A World leader in DAC Techniligy.

Meridian Ultra DAC
Setting the standard
Packed full of ground-breaking technologies and world firsts, the Meridian Ultra Digital to Analogue Converter brings our renowned expertise to the analogue realm.

With countless connectivity options and supported formats, including DSD, DXD and MQA, the Meridian Ultra Digital to Analogue Converter boasts an extensive list of user features and performance enhancing innovations. The result is a level of performance that is, quite simply, unachievable with normal DACs.

The Meridian Ultra DAC is the pinnacle of technological audio innovation and, most importantly, designed and engineered to provide you with the most rewarding personal listening experience possible.

MQA (Master Quality Authenticated)
MQA is an award-winning British technology that delivers the sound of the studio. The master MQA file is fully authenticated and is small enough to stream, while also being backward compatible, so you can play MQA music on any device.
MQA technology is licensed by labels, music services and hardware manufacturers worldwide.
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NAD C658 Blue OS Streaming DAC  $1499

BluOS on Board
The C 658 is BluOS Enabled which means it boasts the most sophisticated High Res streaming system available. BluOS natively supports nearly 20 streaming music services and indexing of over 250,000 tracks from local network sources. In effect, the C 658 becomes a node in the BluOS ecosystem, allowing hi-res network streaming to 64 zones and control options for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS phones, tablets and desktop devices. BluOS also supports all major smart home controllers and is available in a wide range of products making it easy and affordable to create a whole home audio system with the C 658 at its heart. With High Res digital recording and streaming, combined with advanced technology like MQA, record companies are opening their vaults and releasing Studio Master Quality recordings. MQA decoding is available on BluOS Streaming content.
Bluetooth aptX HD
The C 658 features two-way wireless Bluetooth capability that is powered by aptX HD for the highest possible sound quality available. Users can easily stream music from smartphones, tablets and laptops or can also use its integrated two-way Bluetooth feature and effortlessly stream music that is playing on the amp to any pair of Bluetooth enabled headphones. aptX HD is becoming more and more popular for its remarkable sound quality and low power consumption compared to Wi-Fi.
Dirac Live – the World’s Most Sophisticated Digital Room Correction System
The C 658 employs Dirac Live® Room Correction software that delivers optimized sound quality for your home theatre system. The built-in Lite version of the software, with the option to upgrade to a full-featured version for $99 USD, measures the acoustic performance of the system within the listening room and optimizes playback performance to provide the most transparent music reproduction possible. The setup process is automated and very simple, giving users the control they need to precisely tune for the best results. With Dirac Live, you can build the perfect listening environment that corrects for both the timing and colourations in sound using the supplied microphone and its powerful software.
[hi-res streaming dac]
NAD C 658 BluOS Streaming DAC (Rear)
Modular Design Construction (MDC)
The C 658 incorporates a unique feature called Modular Design Construction that is exclusive to NAD. Here is why it’s important. Performance-minded enthusiasts want to embrace the ever-changing world of AV technology while “future proofing” their original investment. So, NAD devised the most important innovation in a decade: Modular Design Construction – an uncommon answer to technology obsolescence. Digital audio and video circuits are on replaceable modules.
With MDC, all major digital circuits can be upgraded and replaced to keep the unit forever young and capable. This NAD innovation is a unique architecture that keeps pace with the fast-changing world of technology. With MDC, the ability to easily upgrade a component to include future digital formats is totally unique and unprecedented. Though installation and setup of any MDC module is straightforward, consumers are encouraged to have this upgrade professionally installed by their authorized NAD dealer. The C 658 comes with two MDC slots for future expansion.
NAD designers didn’t forget traditional audiophiles by including a high-quality phono stage, analogue inputs, balanced preamp output and stereo subwoofer outputs and a dedicated high current headphone amplifier with a ¼” jack right on the front panel. CI enthusiasts will be happy to know that the C 658 has an RS-232 serial port with certification and chassis drivers forthcoming for Control4, Crestron, RTI, URC, and ELAN.
“The C 658 combines the best of all worlds in that it is a high-performance preamplifier and streaming DAC with the most compelling digital technologies such as BluOS, MQA, Bluetooth aptX HD and Dirac Live,” commented Greg Stidsen, NAD’s Chief Technology Officer. “The extraordinary performance and advanced technologies of the C 658 make it the ideal choice for someone who demands state-of-the-art performance with the most desirable features yet appreciates a single chassis with ease of operation. MDC then helps protect their investment for years to come.”
NAD will be exhibiting at the RMAF in Denver, Colorado October 6-8, 2018. Along with sister brands PSB and Bluesound, they can be found in Room 8021 in the Tower and in A23 of the Atrium section of CanJam.
Key Features of the NAD C 658:
BluOS enabled Network Streaming
Two-Way Bluetooth aptX HD
Dirac Live Room Correction
MQA Decoding available on all digital inputs
MDC (Modular Design Construction) offers the ability to upgrade to future digital formats as they become available. Two MDC slots provided.
High-Quality MM Phono Input Stage
Balanced Preamp Output and Stereo Subwoofer Outputs
High Current Dedicated Headphone Amplifier
CI friendly- RS232 Serial Control Port. Trigger In/Out.
IR In with learning function.
Marketing and Media Contacts:
Mark Stone
Marketing, NAD Electronics
Peter Hoagland
North American Media Relations, NAD Electronics
Richard Stevenson
International Media Relations, NAD Electronics
About NAD Electronics
Founded in 1972 and now sold in over 80 countries, NAD Electronics is renowned for its award-winning line of high-quality components for audio, home theatre and custom installation applications. Since the beginning, NAD’s commitment to four core values – innovation, innovation, simplicity, performance, and value – have earned it a cult-like following that catapulted it to becoming a household name amongst audiophiles and music lovers alike. To this day, the brand continues to design and manufacture some of the most acclaimed and affordable hi-fi components that include modern features and technologies meant to appeal to a new generation of audiophiles.

Bluesound Vault 2, server, ripper, DAC

Bluesound offers amazing sound at an entry-level price point. The Vault 2 has 2TB of storage, and automatically rips CDs, pulling in album art and track names, and integrating them with the library. The Vault 2 also has a DAC with analog RCA outputs, so it can be used as a digital source. It will effortlessly serve up multizone audio to other Bluesound products such as the Node 2 or Powernode 2.

Aurender N10 streamer and server

Aurender's upper mid-level streamer and server with 4TB of onboard storage, and a 240GB SSD cache drive. Digital nerds will love its OCXO clock, and FPGA based circuits, but all of us will love the utterly black silence the music emerges out of.

Aurender N100H streamer and server

Aurender's smaller audiophile streamer and server with 2TB of onboard storage. It has a 120GB solid-state drive cache, allowing it to spin down the noisy hard disk drives as you play music. 

Aurender A10 streamer, server, and DAC

The server has 4TB onboard storage, and a 120GB SSD cache. But this version also has analog outputs, with a dual mono DAC and XLR or RCA outputs. Run it as a server with the USB output, or use it as a digital source and preamp, with a velocity-sensitive volume knob.

Naim Audio Uniti Core hard disk player and server

Rip your CDs directly into this hard disk server, and stream to up to 12 network players. Can also be connected directly to a DAC, functioning as a local source.

T+A MP3100 HV On Clearance

The Multi Source SACD-Player
The MP 3100 HV is our latest and most sophisticated multi-media player. The basic design philosophy stems from the MP 3000 HV, but the MP 3100 HV is now capable of carrying out the full signal processing of DSD bitstream data in addition to processing PCM data to impeccable standards. This extensive development was necessitated by the machine’s new integral disc mechanism: an SACD drive which is a completely new development, featuring the very latest decoder, and capable of reading CD (PCM 44.1 kSps ) and SACD (DSD 64 2.8 MHz) discs at the highest possible quality. The other digital sources, both integral and external, also benefit from this new improvement. As in the MP 3000 HV, PCM data is converted using our outstanding double differential quadruple converter for all the digital signal processing. DSD data are handled by the unique analogue true 1-bit DSD converter from the PDP 3000 HV, which processes the DSD data in native form as a bitstream rather than converting them.

This makes it possible to reproduce DSD data up to DSD 512, as delivered by the USB input of the digital connecting board, to the highest level of quality. The machine’s streaming client takes the form of the new T+A high-res streaming board, which provides maximum resolution as well as the facility to access various music services, Internet radio, inclusion in the home network via LAN and WLAN, USB Master Mode and HD streaming from network servers. The tuner offers FM, FM-HD and DAB+ capability, and delivers excellent sound. The MP 3100 HV also includes a high-quality Bluetooth streaming module for transferring music from mobile devices. The MP 3000 HV and MP 3100 HV, or even an entire HV system, are controlled using the FD 100 radio remote control handset or the T+A Control App.

Tidal Streaming at super hi-end quality

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Sony HAP-Z1ES On Clearance

A complete digital streamer with expansion capability. Don't underestimate this Sony. We have conencted it to some really high-end equipment, and it sounds great. Build quality is excellent too. 

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T+A MP2000 R

T+A has built the finest sounding CD Players. This unit also has a fine network streamer. Access your wide collection of albums via a NAS.

T+A MP3000HV

T+A MP3000 HV Multi Source Player.