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The Sunny  Technics C700 System 

We've put together an amazing sounding budget system using Technics Premium Class products, and AudioQuest accessories

We love the Technics Premium Class C700 Series here at Sunny's. It offers truly amazing sound for the money, and it looks really, really good. Silver chassis', proper knobs, toggle switches, and VU meters never go out of style. 

We've sold quite a few of these as complete systems, and our customers love them. Recently, a professional musician bought the integrated amp and bookshelf speakers, using his Macbook as the source. He praised the nuetrality of the sound, and that the system was so effortlessly able to convey the energy of the musicians. We also made sure to demonstrate the system with AudioQuest Rocket 33 cables, and an AudioQuest Cinnamon USB cable, versus standard cable, and it was a no-brainer for him to stretch his budget to accommodate the AQ cables. That system sang! 

Just Choose Your Music

Sure, it's fun to mix and match, but few things beat a set of components that has been designed to work together. This is the system to buy when you want to listen to music, not a music system. We've chosen the right cables from AudioQuest, and offer it with the amazing Niagara 1000 power supply. All you need to decide on is the source; do you want a CD player, or do you want to just stream music from Tidal, and off a network-attached storage device? Or both?

Sunny's July Anniversary store demonstration sale

1. T+A Criterion TCD110 S -- 1 pair on sale at $9995.00
2. T+A Criterion TCD210S  -- 1 pair on sale at $8495.00
3. T+A Criterion TCD315S  -- 1 pair on sale at $4995.00
4. T+A Criterion TCD410S  -- 2 pair on sale at $3695.00
5. T+A Soliataire 1000S Signature in Carbon fiber --On sale at $39995.00
6. Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2 -- Porsche Silver $49K
7. Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF -- Piano Black DEMO SALE ! 115K
8. Wilson Audio Yvette                 -- Morning Frost. DEMO SALE ! 21K
9. Wilson Audio Alexx                  --- Desert Silver DEMO Sale at $75K
10 Wilson Audio Duette 2           -- Silver Demo Sale $12,500
11. Wilson Audio Watch Series 2 Sub-Woofers 5K each
12. Wilson Audio Sabrina-- Sale at 25% off
13. Audio Physic Aventara Plus -- Trade-in $30K Retail sale at 11K
14. Aerial acoustics Model 9 --Trade-in Retailed at $13,500 sale $4995.00
15. GoldenEar Triton 2, 3 and more. 25% off
16. Wilson Audio Tiny Tot with Naim Uniti atom Package for $10,500
Wilson Audio Tiny Tot with Uniti Star at $12995.00
17. Aerial Acoustics Model 5T with Uniti Atom and speaker cable $6795

Take advantage of the Audio Research Trade-in program.Call us for more details.

The System

Technics SL-C700 CD player OR
ST-C700 NWP network player
Technics SU-C700 
Technics SB-C700
AudioQuest Niagara 1000
​AudioQuest cables
Harmonic Resolution
​Systems RXR Stand and
​R3X Isolation Bases
  1. ST-C700 NWP
    Network player with AirPlay and Tidal
  2. SL-C700 CD
    CD-player with a digital output
  3. SU-C700
    Stereo integrated digital amplifier
  4. SB-C700
    Coaxial two-way bookshelf speakers
  5. Rocket 33
    AudioQuest's speaker cable
  6. Niagara 1000
    A mains power system from AudioQuest
  7. HRS RXR
    Beautiful maple or black audio stand
  8. R3X Base
    Broadband isolation shelves

Call for special group pricing.

We are offering the white SB-C700 bookshelf speakers at demo pricing.

Units are available separately at special prices, just tell us what you need.